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3 replies on “copy this: wood block toothbrush holder

  1. Tell Sally her mother is speechless.

    So is her sister.

    I knew this would be good but NEVER IMAGINED anything this wonderous and beautiful. From a social science/leadership perspective, you are modeling what so many of us are trying to become in this world but don’t quite know how.

    Scarcity is a psychological reality and an economic pillar. There is less scarcity if you know how to look at what already is.


    Love, Me

  2. Hi, you wrote your lovely comment before the Blog was meant to be live (it was live only for a few days: an accident. An email I sent to you then bounced back. So I’m hoping you’ll get this now that the ‘the improvised life’ is really up-and-running. Thank YOU so much for that early, inadvertent support. Sally

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