I’m always on the lookout for great children’s books to give as gifts to my friend’s kids; books are inexpensive, and can be enjoyed over and over again, not to mention inspiring who-knows-what? in those young brains and imaginations. BoingBoing‘s recommendation of Donut Chef, ¬†written and illustrated the brilliant Bob Staake, is dead-on. It’s the story a chef whose donut shop becomes a big success, only to be threatened by a rival around the corner, who sparks a competition to create increasingly fabulous donuts. There’s a great fun riff on improvising and the messes and revelations that invariably occur.

Check out a video of author/illustrator Bob Staake‘s amazing drawing process, which lead me to discover some great drawing software for kids and non-technical grown-ups.

Click here for a trove of Staake’s children’s books.

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