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My friend Holton Rower, who is an amazing artist, created this sign on his studio door using colored tape. It’s a really great reminder that instantly shifts your perspective: about being more mindful of the potential to hurt someone’s feelings, including your own, maybe especially your own. Just about everybody I know judges themselves harshly, with unspoken words they would never inflict on anyone else.

It’s also a fine example of using colored tape to create an instant reminder anywhere. Blue masking tape, used for room painting, is particularly good: a bright color that won’t damage walls if you change your mind down the line.  

These paper cut-outs are nice  (though more work).


via emma’s blog

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5 replies on “rule for living: apologize every day

  1. Actually…just as a heads’s up.: Blue tape and any of the “low tack” tapes can and will pull off the paper from gyp or the paint from the paper if left up too long. Usually one month is about the best you can expect to NOT have any damage, and even then you need to pull of the tape carefully from the corner , and not rip it off.

    Tool Tip from Nina

  2. HI Nina, Thanks a million for this info from your expert self; it’s an essential, very practical consideration if we’re going to go making tape paintings (and want to be able to remove it). Can you think of any tapes that might work better?

  3. Blue tape is basically the benchmark for low tack tapes. The 3 m company makes a number of types of blue ( and I have also seen a chartreuse!) tapes . Some have lower tack than others ( are they less “tacky” then? ha ha). The problem is that the lowest tack tapes dont always stick so well, and can fall off easier…

  4. Nina, thank you! This is such good info. I want that chartreuse one. I’m going to put a note at the end of “Blue Tape Painting” to refer people to this.

  5. Warm air from a hairdryer will soften the tape adhesive nicely making removal easy.

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