Peter Bialobrzeski

What would you do if you had to make a home with whatever you found around you? What would it look like?

You can often find the answer by looking at the constructions of homeless people, who take “live locally” to its root level, repurposing the detritus of their community.  Or take a look at the work of artists Oliver Boberg and Peter Bialobrzeski  whose photographs of buildings in poor urban neighborhoods of the Southern hemi- sphere illustrate incredible inventiveness and resourefulness.

The self-made shacks are of old slats and posts,  covers, roofing cardboard, corrugated metal and all kinds of cloth.  The work is being shown at L.A. Galerie Lothar Albrecht in Germany but some can be viewed online.

Peter Bialobrzeski

To read more about the project, click here.

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