I am a big fan of writing signs on walls, either as decoration or reminder, or both. Using colored masking tape is one nice impermanent, easily change-able way. Painting words means more work and more permanence, but is wonderful looking. It’s pretty straightforward to do:  Make a form for each letter with masking tape and paint inside. When the paint is dry, remove the masking tape. Or type your words on a computer,  and trace the design on transfer paper right onto the wall; then paint (full instructions are at ehow.com).  Googling “paint words on walls” yields lots of info.  If you’re nervous about creating your own lettering, you can also order word stencils or custom letter stencils online.

What words would you paint?

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3 replies on “diy: words on walls

  1. awareness

    i guess it is better though to keep ‘moving’ words around
    ( to not begin overlooking them)

  2. Yeah, that’s the problem with them being permanent…after a while, you can stop seeing them. I like the idea of changing them occasionally, “moving words around”.

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