table-from-one-piece-wired has a swell D-I-Y Wiki, that’s full of things I’ve always wanted to know. It’s a collaborative site of projects, hacks, tricks and tips on “how to make each day better than the last”. Anyone can contribute new items or edit an existing item, and the info is suprisingly good, if not terribly detailed; it will get you where you need to go, or lead you to some good info. (D-I-Y is a subset of’s general How-to Wiki which means weeding out some dopey subjects.)

Some of my favorite d-i-y’s:
Build Your Own Pasta Machine
Handle oxalic acid
Make Two Tables Using One Piece of Wood
Make a Stealth Camera Bag
Run Mac OS X on a Netbook
Seal Concrete
Set Up a Basement Chem Lab
Swap a SIM Card
Take Your Home Office on the Road

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