Fernando Ariza, The New York Times

ColorCapture Ben, a new iPhone and iPod Touch application, allows users to zoom into a particular color in a picture on their device, tap the “match” key, and see a display of paints closest to the color, along with a range of lighter and darker shades. (The app, created by Benjamin Moore,  will reference its 3,300+ paint colors.) You can save the color “chips” on your phone for future reference.

Its an incredibly useful app, if you bear in mind that the color match is of a photo, which are often different than real-life colors.

ColorCapture Ben will be Available in June 1, free of charge at the Apple App Store.

If you don’t have an iPhone and/or are really serious about paint colors, Benjamin Moore has a more accurate standalone alternative,  Pocket Palette Device, that will do the same thing, with more serious calibrations (for about $300).

(via The NY Times)

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