I’ve come across a number of posts about furniture made of pallets, those flat rectangles of rough hammered-together wood platforms commonly used to move bundled goods around by a fork lift. This lounge chair by Studiomama is a particularly good one; it has clean lines and looks like it would be comfortable – perfect at a beach house or on a patio. It is made out of two pallets and 50 screws, from an inexpensive, down-loadable plan. It would be great painted, or naturally weathered.

The ever-innovative Studiomama has other well-designed examples of pallet furniture:  a straight-back chair (no plans; you can either buy it, or figure out how to make it)…


a stool (with free down-loadable plans)…


…even a floor lamp (you can purchase the plan).

You see discarded pallets at construction sites all the time, free for the taking but often in pretty funky shape. About the time I was wondering if a hand sander would clean them up (it would), I discovered pallets for sale in the great Uline catalogue. They offer pallets in hardwoods and recyled wood, in varying sizes. The only glitch might be that you have to order them in minimums of 5 or 10 (about $100 worth), so it may be something to do with friends.

If you want to tackle scavenged pallets, here’s a link about breaking a pallet down to usable wood.

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