I recently stumbled on a useful “how-to” of a necklace designed in the 1940’s by Anni Albers, the great textile designer and weaver who was a member of the Bauhaus, and a founder of Black Mountain College. The necklace, made from metal washers, laced together with grosgrain ribbon, is an example of ordinary elements combined into something unique and beautiful. It is a model that offers many possibilities in jewelry-making and other kinds of ornamentation. Sara Neuburger, who writes the blog The Small Object, first saw the necklace at an exhibition at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, and fell in love with it. She couldn’t quite remember the details of how it was put together, until she hunted down a picture online. She figured out how to make it, and then made detailed “how-to”.


Imagine use the simple technique with variously colored ribbons, or leather or….. different size washers or other rings, metal or wood….

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