GOOD is at once magazine, website, blog, video series, community, and events devoted to exploring what good is and what it can be. A collaboration of individuals, business and non-profits, they invite everyone to become of a member of the GOOD community: “Please join us in defining what comes next.” (The subscription price for their magazine is whatever you choose to pay, which Good will donate to the non-profit of your choice. That is putting your money where your mouth is!))

Their latest project (in league with Babelgum) is asking artists, inventors, and thinkers one simple question: If there werent any pesky practical limitations, what world-changing device would you invent?

Tell GOOD your big idea. It will select one submission to animate and feature on and The winner will also get to program Babelgums Our Earth channel for the month of October. The Deadline is SOON: August 26th.

It’s the perfect fantazooming to do on vacation.

More info here.

Via BoingBoing

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