John Cachego (NogsOnline) via flickr
John Cachego (NogsOnline) via flickr

Chalkboard paint is one of the best inventions to come down the line in some time, due in large part to it’s improvisation-inspiring nature. There seems to be no end in sight to the uses people are devising for it. A current favorite: this ’70’s Volkswagon painted with chalkboard paint that I stumbled on on Flickr.

John Cacheco (NogsOnline) via flickr
John Cacheco (NogsOnline) via flickr

Photographer John Cacheco caught this Beetle parked in a supermarket he frequents. I’m guessing the owner’s never know what they are going to find scrawled on their car: improvisation upon improvisation.

I imagine that ordinary chalkboard paint won’t hold up well in the elements and heat of the car’s hood. I found some recommendations on a car forum in answer to a guy that wanted to paint a beater car with chalkboard, thinking “of the wild parties that would result” (??).  The best bet seems to be a primer, that is naturally flat and could be tinted any color. Rust-Oleum is another alternative (though its heat resistance is unknown)…

….think I’ll ask Nina

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4 replies on “chalkboard volkswagon

  1. Nina sent me this email about painting a car to look like a chalkboard:

    Hmmm the car primer question. Since just back from Hawaii, I am still reintegrating…but I think any flat black or slate gray flat acrylic or oil based paint would work.(Rustoleum could work…but would probably take a LOT of spray cans). The problem is the undercoat. It would need to be sanded, clean and smooth,to get a smooth finish; and the paint and primer would work best if sprayed on, not brushed.

  2. Hi, I’m building a website all about Chalkboards – that gives people ideas of what they can do with chalkboards and how to do it. I’d like to use the photo you have of the VW in a slider and on a page that shows chalkboard ideas – The pic of that VW is so cool!!!

    I’ve password protected the site until you’ve had a look and approved. Check what I’d like to do with the photo and let me know whether you are happy. The Password is: chalkboard01.

    If you have any other pictures or chalkboard ideas that you think add to the site please let me know.

    I’m also happy to link to you site as an acknowledgement of the source of the photo

    Warwick Beauchamp

  3. Hi,
    If you look closely at the post, you’ll see links to the photographer, who posted the images on his Flickr page. He would be the person to contact for permissions.

    Best of luck with your website.

    Kind regards,


  4. Thanks Sally – had missed that – appreciate your help


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