Albers Foundation

During World War II, when materials were in short supply, textile artist Anni Albers improvised charming, inventive jewelry using simple components usually found in hardware and stationary stores, and five-and-dimes. This dramatic necklace uses inexpensive window chain sold on giant wheels at hardware stores and steel bobbi pins. Seeing her necklace, suddenly these objects become BEAUTIFUL and full of unexpected possibilities; our notions of jewelry change.

Using two pieces of window chain, with two clasps, Albers hung a sink strainer and paper clips:

Albers Foundation

Earlier, I posted a how-to of her gorgeous necklace made from washers and grosgrain ribbon, as a model for making strands using different materials.

These necklaces are so simple to make, and so clearly invite improvisation, that it seems odd that they are sold as kits at the MOMA store (an after-the-fact discovery).
Why not take the kernel of her idea and invent your own?

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