Kim Sykes
Kim Sykes

Architect Kim Sykes spotted these wonderful color-painted stairs in Sayulita, Mexico. Whoever made them cunningly painted each stair on the side that doesn’t get stepped on (so you’d only get the effect from a distance, and going up). Though Mexico is renowned for it’s brash use of color, colored stairs are a world-wide theme: a simple way to make the path up or down more welcoming and interesting.

Here are more sightings, including this spectacular, intricate pattern of colored vinyl tape made by artist Jim Lambie at the Museum of Modern Art. It would be possible to do at home but I’m already imagining the stairs after a few months of people running up and down: a strange wasteland of tattered curled tape. Perhaps there is a way to seal it, or use the idea to paint stripes in a intricate pattern (more images at Freshome)


…These stairs are in Wuppertal, Germany:

The Style Files via Living Etc.
The Style Files via Elle Decoration South Africa

…and these are in Santorini:

Caspar Bischsel
Caspar Bischsel

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5 replies on “stairs in colors

  1. Thanks so much for the mention and photo credit in your blog! It made me go back and look at the other photos from Saylulita. We had such a great time! A colleague “turned me onto” – yes pun intended – Stair Porn! A blog about stairs, and nothing but. A great place for inspiration or just wasting your lunch hour away.

    Thanks again for inspiring us every day!

  2. Yikes! Stair Porn! I can get into that…I got lost looking at cool stairs on the web. Wish I’d know there was a site devoted to them.
    Will wonders never cease….
    Thanks again, Kim.

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