After reading yesterday’s post ‘the safety pin (and other everyday object) improvisations’, Lydia Wills sent me photos from fashion designer Junya Watanabe’s 2005 collection, where he used zippers and snaps in the most beautiful way: layers of gold zippers become something totally other. Look closely and you’ll see that, aside from the gold plating, these are essentially standard-issue 8-or-so-inch zippers with their fabric siding in a gorgeous color – lots of them – stitched snugly side-by-side and overlapping. One of the most dazzling permutations of this playing-about with zippers is this sensational collar…


…not to mention embellishing a dress with a million snaps…


I BET you could run with this idea if you got a pile of zippers and fooled around with them (but who ever does that? Why don’t we do that?)…

I bet that’s what Junya Watanabe did.

Here’s a good source for gold zippers

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