In my Inbox this morning, the ever-illuminating Manhattan User’s Guide alerted me to a new blog called Pop-Up Lunch. It explores ways New York’s nontraditional public spaces, like sidewalks, steps, and fire hydrants can be transformed into places to eat lunch. Writes blogger AP:

“This blog follows a series of Pop Up Lunches I have staged (some big, some small) and my development of mobile eating tools designed for the sidewalks of NYC. Ultimately, I hope that my efforts might inspire even a handful of my fellow urbanites to reconsider the potential for lunch – to be a joyful daily event – and for the sidewalks of NYC to serve as more than just pathways.”

Pop Up Lunch is totally after ‘the improvised life’s heart. You could easily apply its innovations – and certainly its thinking – to just about any city, and expand the uses for make-shift, jerry-rigged or impromptu surfaces: make a drawing…play solitaire…drink a cocktail…write a blog post on a laptop…

Here’s a magnetic lunch ledge that AP invented (any street light becomes an instant counter):


But the best thing is the title of a Pop Up Lunch post that perfectly describes an essential ‘improvised life’ principle:  Who Needs a Designer When You Have Common Sense?

Thanks MUG!

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  1. I’m sure if it’s up high enough that wouldn’t be a factor unless and REALLY BIG dog passed by.

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