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Paula Scher/NY Times

The always illuminating New York Times Magazine Annual Year in Ideas issue is out, and we are guaranteed hours of interesting reading. Here’s a short-list culled from a wealth of subjects. The titles indicate only a fraction of the nuanced information in the article.

My favorite is “Good Enough is the New Great”, an idea I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. “Good enough”can be an antidote for perfectionism that keeps you from finishing something, or from doing what REALLY matters to you, or getting hung up in insisting on “Great” when it’s not really essential. For over-achievers, “good enough” can be a useful philosophy for prioritizing.

(Once you click the link, scroll down to find the article):

Good Enough is the New Great

Bicycle Highways

The Counterfeit Self

Massively Collaborative Mathematics

Gourmet Dirt

The illustration above is a selection of the year’s proprietary inventions: a testament to unfettered imagination…

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