I often bundle the the charity gift cards I give for Christmas with another teeny-but-potent gift: like this $4 tasting spoon from Branch. It is my idea of the perfect all-purpose cook’s spoon:┬álong and thin, and slightly odd, similar to a treasured spoon a friend bought me from South America many years ago.

Or I’ll give a food gift I’ve made a big batch of, like some easy-to-make exotically flavored chocolates, or Alt-Malted Milk Balls, or some Dried Apricots in Cardamom Syrup. They are easy to package as gifts using found/re-use jars, boxes, tins or gift-wrap.

Branch has other inexpensive, well-designed gifts, like this bamboo kid’s spork (why just for kid’s? It’s bigger and more beautiful than the grown-up sporks…), OR


these paper bowls by Wasara…


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