Ellen Silverman
Ellen Silverman

Our Alt-Malted Milk Balls have been featured all week on The Splendid Table, the terrific public radio food show hosted by Lynne Rosetto Kasper. They are a recent improvisation on Homemade Chocolates for Improvising, a really easy method for making shards of chocolate flavored with whatever crosses your mind, from Marcona almonds to curry powder. Mixing malted milk powder into a great, fragrant chocolate like Valhrona makes for a peak malted milk ball experience (even if they are in a radically different form). Click here for the recipe, or listen to Sally’s interview with Lynne.

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4 replies on “homemade food gift: alt-malted milk balls

  1. My mother loves your blog. you and she are kindred spirits in terms of a certain minimalist and improvisational spirit.

    I made bacon pecan bark. It was a real hit. We put the bark in small plastic sandwich bags and then used tissue paper around it with a little ribbon.

  2. I threw some dang salty marcona almonds into some chocolate bark I was cooking up a few weeks ago and it was pure heaven!

  3. Dang salty is perfect! Thanks for being here, Kairol. Your blog about “we do with our lives after the big cancer bomb is dropped in our laps” is a force. And the last paragraph of the about page goes to the heart if it all: “I had spent my twenties and early thirties working as a modern dance choreographer. Now I’m a healthcare blogger, reporter, and writer living in Chicago. I didn’t even have to go to grad school for this second career. All I had to do was get cancer and listen.” http://everythingchangesbook.com/kairol-rosenthal

  4. This recipe sounds terrific. Listening to the making of it (on A Splendid Table) as I walked today….now I think eating it may be the un-doing of my walk! 😉

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