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At the farmer’s market this weekend, Keith Stewart was selling beautiful Christmas trees from his farm, as well as “wall trees” which are tall sculptural branches cut from huge trees. Keith recommended leaning them against or affixing them to a wall and decorating them like a regular Christmas tree (at much less cost).

There are lots of possible plays on the idea of “wall Christmas trees” that would make for fun-to-improvise (if last-minute) trees. The elaborate one above appeared on in The Style Files last year, the brilliant inspiration of Jane of All the Luck in the World; she used her collection of small found “useless but pretty” treasures to forge a tree. But simple colored paper cut-outs would do, even in the shape of Christmas trees (affixed to the wall with pieces of masking tape rolled to make them double-sided, or a mild, wall-friendly double-stick tape.

The wall-decal sets for sale on the internet often seem better for their ideas than for their execution (many are many of vinyl). Although this pre-packaged typeface Christmas tree is curiously energy-less and austere, the idea could easily work into a fun, jazzy, conceptual Christmas tree, made from a universe of cool fonts


Here’s a wonderful impromptu tree made with Christmas lights tacked into a tree-shape on the wall, along with a few ornaments and candy canes…

Tim Pannel/Corbis
Tim Pannel/Corbis

And finally, there is something kind of great about this neon Christmas tree from Wal-Mart for $49, that can be mounted right on the wall. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it’s only 19-inches high…


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3 replies on “alt (wall) Christmas trees

  1. I love these! I actually always feel sorry for the trees getting cut down and all. It just feels unnatural to me. These are wonderful alternatives!

  2. I love that first image, found your blog via the “homies”, Wishing you all the happiness for 2010!

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