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2 replies on “clear space: muley point by walt cotten

  1. While cruising the internet looking for high school classmates, I found all these wonderful sites of Walt Cotten’s. I remember Walt from Central High School in Phoenix, Arizona. We were both in the class of ’64 and I dated him most of my junior and senior year. Our fathers had both passed away and we seemed to talk alot. Our first date was to a drive in in his mom’s station wagon. We double dated with a guy named Jim Mardian and his date and saw Goldfinger, I think. I remember he had an old lavender Willys which had folding chairs for seats. He was a gentle and artistic soul even then. I went off to college and if I remember correctly, he went to UC at Santa Barbara. The last time I saw him was at Christmas, at the end of our first semester of college. Then we just lost track of each other. So sorry to hear of his passing.

  2. What sweet memories you have of that very gifted man. Thanks for sharing them.

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