Ely Kim‘s video BOOMBOX was his response to an assignment in a graduate level design workshop at Yale: document something for one hundred days. All he used was a video camera and his ability to dance to create his brilliant, funny, totally original film with high levels of uninhibited joy, which is what you will feel as you watch it.

If you want to speed things up, you can use the horizontal control to “scroll through” Kim’s amazing dance forms (after the video has loaded); my favorite is #80, like a disco Dance of the Seven Veils. The video’s Vimeo page also includes a playlist in case you want to track down the music.

Thanks, Pamela!

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One thought on “ely kim’s 100 days/dances/locations/songs

  1. Pure pleasure to watch this! What cool spaces he chooses. And you are absolutely right about number 80. Someone needs to send this on to Ellen DeGeneres!

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