We were just dreaming of making a sign on the office wall the said YES! when we stumbled on a webstore call Happy Tape. It sells nothing but Japanese masking tape: slightly translucent tape made of washi paper that comes in beautiful colors and patterns. It made us wonder “Why didn’t anybody think of this before?!!!”



We’re going to order some of the gold and silver too to see if it is as beautiful as it seems…


Of course, there are so many things you could do with this stuff…like embellishing glassine (or paper) envelopes….


…or making ordinary white tissue paper gift wrap a riot of color…


Me, I’m thinking a cool, makeshift band-aid….

And what a cool gift a many-colored box of tapes would make!

UPDATE:  Our friend Diane just emailed us that you can also buy Japanese masking tape at the Cooper Hewitt Store and MOMA

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5 replies on “japanese masking tape in cool colors +patterns

  1. i adore this tape and have already ordered a 10 pak and dispenser…i sense the endless possibilities and am excited to have it spark my children’s imagination…i’ll put 5 rolls each in their easter baskets, which i have always filled w/treasures that welcome spring and summer, such as a bathing suit, flip flops, sunglasses…and of course a bit of the sweet stuff, but just a bit…

    this morning i came across a quote that connected me to this community emerging around and from “the improvised life” and so, i thought i’d share…

    Do more than exist, live.
    Do more than touch, feel.
    Do more than look, observe.
    Do more than read, absorb.
    Do more than hear, listen.
    Do more than think, ponder.
    Do more than talk, say something.
    –John H. Rhoades

    for me, the is the “energy” that feeds THE IMPROVISED LIFE…

    thanks Sally and all…

  2. Jody, We love your idea for an ALT-EASTER BASKET full of cool and useful things for your kids. Brilliant and sweet. And thank you for the great quote. We are so glad you are here.

  3. Thanks for the great resource, Sally! I decorated some of my packages this Christmas with some fun patterned tape I got at World Market, and I was wishing for more like that. But this looks even better!

    Thanks Jody, too, for the beautiful poem/quote you shared. I agree with your sentiment…

  4. Diane just sent us this emails (Thanks Diane!)

    “just to let you know, these are available (not as much selection, granted) for far less at the cooper hewitt shop (more designs) and the moma design store (plain colours), right here in the city – no shipping either.

    love your blog and spreading the word about it all the time!

    (cooper hewitt also has great stuff from kiosk…)

  5. One of my favorite purchases and I always go overboard when I’m ordering. I’m afraid they’ll stop making it, like when the Gocco became extinct.

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