Oven mitts are an example of a good idea with serious design flaws: shaped like a giant mitten, they are unwieldy and stiff, and don’t really allow for grasping hot things securely with one hand. But it never occurred to us to envision an alternative, other than ordinary pot holders. That is, until we got an email from Stephen Peters who wrote:

“Why do people use oven mitts when there are perfectly good inexpensive welding gloves with FOUR fingers per hand available?”

…my wife uses welding gloves I gave her, and loves them… The simple thin leather or goatskin style work fine. “

Stephen is an electrical field service technician who travels around Pennsylvania, Maryland, the Virginias and the Carolinas installing and repairing battery backup systems…and who obviously thinks outside-the-box.

We poked around welding glove possibilities. On the whole, they are way more stylish than oven mitts, and make grasping searing-hot pots and casseroles, or odd pieces like baking stones oven racks, MUCH easier. Stephen recommends the gloves from Harbor Freight ($6.49). We were smitten by the handsome Predator Raven welding gloves ($10.99), above…

…and these bright blue cowhide gloves ($6.94)…


…and then there’s these swell red leather hearth gloves from Lodge ($21.00)…not technically welding gloves but…so beautiful…


Thanks Stephen!

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  1. My son and husband are falconers and have used welders gloves instead of the much more expensive falconers gloves to handle their birds.

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