In the vast Times Square subway station in New York City, there are always lots of musicians busking for money, many of them pretty great. (We love the old guy who plays a saw; it echoes through the tunnels to sound like a high soprano…). Everybody is in such a hurry getting where they need to go down there, it isn’t easy for the best of musicians to get a lot of people to stop and listen. When that does happen, it almost always takes the form of spectators silently watching the act, at a safe distance. So we’d love to know how this extraordinary event came about: a circle of strangers in the subway  singing “Hey Jude” full out.

Life is SO amazing!

The video was made by by 39forks “artist in ny” on Vimeo.

Via BoingBoing, via Making Light

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One thought on ““hey jude” full-out in times square subway station

  1. I wish I was there — looks like one of those inimitable NYC moments, when everyone is from NYC and everyone loves everyone else!

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