We wish there were a way to beam ourselves (a la Star Trek) to a conference taking place in Lahti, Finland on March 24 to 25, called “Designing Slow Life

“…international experts of design, service design and wellness talk about and develop services under the main theme of better, slower and more meaningful life...The Slow Life conference will try to solve how to develop our surroundings in future in order to support slower life.”

We’re dying to know where the challenge will take them, and how design (and designers) can help “support slower life”.

Are there ways to create environments to help us slow down? (Isn’t that what a park is?)  We’d like some software that would limit our computer use for a start…because that’s something we feel powerless over, and we love the internet so much!  Or is SLOW really something that each of us has to figure out for her/himself, a practice or discipline to be consciously embraced?….

A commenter at Core 77, where we read about the Slow Life Conference,  wrote: “Can we offer ‘slow life’…suggestions? e.g. slow life sport = yoga?”

Good question!

Although we’re (sadly) not going to Finland, we’re going to mull the this idea of designing a slow life and see what we come up with.

What are your ideas?  How do you….slow……down………..?

via Core 77

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7 replies on “designing slow life

  1. I hate to state the obvious, but one slows down by…slowing down…gently refocusing…remembering, reminding oneself that everything does not need to be done yesterday….our Buddhist friends might call it residing in the Present Moment….at least that is my interesting point of view on the subject!

  2. i have found my natural rhythm to be slow and i often experience myself as out of sync in the speed (and density) with which everything moves these days.

    i easily get “lost” in the subtleties and layers and textures of each moment…thought, idea, picture, person…the path of my senses and thoughts tend to move down before it goes out…and then add the co-creative and interactive process and the idea that we are always in relationship with ourselves and/or others, etc., etc.,

    also, i think the relationship between “being” and “doing” affects greatly one’s relationship to slowing down.

    much here…

    with great affection,

  3. Yeah, the relationship between “being” and “doing”…and the question of what we think “HAS” to get done. For me, moving fast has to do with feeling that there is not enough time. Or just “not enough”…a pattern I’m working on changing. It’s slow going, though…haha! Thanks for your words, Jody. Glad you are here.

  4. We also felt the urge to go to Finland, but alas being slow won out over hearing more about it ; ) But seriously, I think the “being” and “doing” distinction is important. I also agree with Jody’s comment on feeling out of sync. Our clients are usually overwhelmed in some (or many) parts of their lives. Part of slowing down is streamlining and simplifying your life, so that they don’t take too much energy and effort. This frees up time, resources, and awareness for the things we value most and allows for being more in the present. No to-do lists hanging over you. No piles of laundry or dishes taunting you. And the three events you could go to aren’t as tempting – at least not all three ; ) We have written up some of the concepts we think help people create the good life for themselves and others. Check it out and let us know what you think. http://www.CreateTheGoodLife.org

  5. Take a look at SlowFood.org, or SlowFoodUSA.org and begin with reconnecting with the pleasures of food, which often involves friends and family. The whole process of thinking about food, growing/purchasing it, preparing it and mindfully eating it will help in slowing us down.

  6. We’ve long been a fan of Slow Food. Thanks for making the connection.

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