New York Magazine sponsored this video about Joshua Allen Harris’ and his very cool street sculptures. He creates giant creatures out of taped-together plastic bags and positions them on subway grates; gusts of warm air from passing trains inflate them momentarily, animating them. He’s made a Loch Ness monster and an uncannily life-like polar bear, which rises up and then falls as though asleep or wounded:

“He has a lot of nice animation to him, with his life and his death, and his inflation and his deflation…The city decides how it is going to animate the sculpture.”

His bears are worth a closer look…

We’re with New York Magazine: “We never once considered the artistic possibilities of subway exhaust.”

Like all great street art, Harris’ sculptures feel like a big fat gift.

With thanks to Pamela Hovland!

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2 replies on “joshua allen harris’ subway air-fueled street art

  1. Wow. That is great. I can’t wait to show it to my sons. And I’ve posted the link on my FB page! Thanks!

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