Last week, we read an amazing post by Anne Herbert at Peace, Love and Noticing the Details. She described the limited view we’ve been stricken with many times – and offered a simple way out. It is so perfectly and succinctly written, we’re quoting the whole thing right here:

“I can’t do it. All the times I say inside to myself, “I can’t do it,” I could be saying, what the heck, thoughts are easy, ‘I can do it.’

I need to find the knowing how to do it. The brain is vast, deep, includes the whole body. And the body includes the whole world as I hear someone on the street speak who just got back from a place I think of as elsewhere, as I breathe air that who knows where it’s been.

Who knows how to do this that I’ve been telling myself that I can’t do? Maybe me, as is, now, if I get confident, listen to “I can do it,” and sink into what I already know. Maybe I need to hang with someone else who’s been doing it for a while, and watch, listen, move. How big the world.

Thank you very much, Anne Herbert. You are a gift!

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