Sally Schneider

While visiting Pam Hunter who was in New York starting her sabbatical a few weeks ago, I was spellbound by the blue tape art works on several of the windows of the apartment she was staying in. They were nothing more than rough-torn, inch-or-so pieces of blue painter’s tape arranged as permeable rounds – clouds, flowers? – through which you could view the distant urban landscape. They were so brilliantly simple and seemingly impromptu, by an unknown artist who changed the view using the most ordinary of materials.

Sally Schneider

…It reminded us of the blue tape painting we posted about last May, that was made by a daddy and his daughter “a few minutes at a time”…

Sally Schneider

…it’s amazing how different these different art works are, and how expressive blue tape can become in a person’s hand…

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Blue Tape Painting

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6 replies on “visionary blue tape art work

  1. i love this site more than words can say…i just moved, two weeks ago to florida from new york. i have many sketches, drawings and photos i want to display in a way that is less constructed and rigid. although i am 71 i feel as if i am just getting started as an artist. i did start art school at 50, so i guess i am just 21 after all.

    love the tape, cant wait to do it …thanks so much , suzy

    i have a new email address.

  2. Susy, Thank you so much for your kind words and your story. It is inspiring. We look forward to hearing how things go, and what you come up with as you go “less constructed and rigid”.

  3. is there any way to make the double sided sticky tape i use to keep kitty tomcat from scratching where he is not supposed to, look that fabulous ? ; )


  4. Surely this must have been the work of Tony Feher?
    I work at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, and he was recently here installing a gorgeous piece in our central “great hall” space … watching him work inspired me to give it a try at home and indeed the process was eye-opening, the properties of the tape unexpected…
    Here’s a blog entry from his time in residence at the UMFA:

    best wishes and many thanks for your work!

  5. We are in temporary quarters that are dull and uncomfortable. A tape mural would go a long way towards making this place ours without damaging anythings.

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