Looking for a way to wish our friend Maria Robledo a belated Happy Birthday, we found this clip of Wynton Marsalis and a friend improvising on that simple tune…building and building on until it became some big joy…

(…at the end he says “You see all the many ways we were conversing with each other?“, reminding us the improvising is always a conversation…with something…)

…That led us to other wondrous renditions of that tune,  like this sweet little homemade video made by two sisters …


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2 replies on “happy birthday, maria robledo!

  1. How could that not make a birthday girl, or anyone happy? It’s always a good
    day when WM is improvising! Thanks Sally

  2. WOW, THRILLING, IM TOUCHED by your kindness .
    Me so big on your blog heading today, wow.



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