Alastair Heseltine is a Canadian artist who makes art and objects by interweaving wood (he especially loves willow). We were knocked out by his woodpile and by his artist’s statement; we don’t know when we’ve seen one that said so much in so few words:

“I am a sculptor working with mixed media relating to the environment. Imagery is guided by the inherent nature of material and by construction systems evolved through mindful observation and play. I also draw from the full spectrum of routines and activities that support my practice:  Design, craft production, farming and rural life.”


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7 replies on “woodpile as art

  1. After marveling at the incredibly tidy and beautiful wood piles throughout southern Germany during a visit there last month, this installation of beauty and functionality (will he use this wood for the winter?) takes stacking to a new and marvelous height.

  2. p.s. reminds me of a rugged lumberjack Andy Goldsworthy as well as some of the beautiful woodpiles in the mountain villages in Austria and Switzerland.

  3. How beautiful!

    I love when people take the time to make everyday things beautiful. It takes art out of the museum and places it where it belongs – in the middle of our everyday lives.

  4. So Beautiful, textural, rustic AND useful !
    Like a recipe: Physical Labour + Fresh Air + Time + Inspiration + Action. Repeat !

  5. Erfüllung mit dem natürlichen Zustand des Holzes das durch seine vorherige Bearbeitung, “Neues” zum Ausdruck bringt.

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