Ellen Silverman

This weekend, public radio’s The Splendid Table will be airing host Lynne Rosetto Kasper‘s interview with Sally about modular kitchen cabinets. Sally has been an inadvertent proponent of the European practice of owning your kitchen, installing it in a rental apartment and taking it with you to your next space. Years ago, she designed a kitchen in a space she thought she’d be in forever; when things changed, she took the kitchen with her. After all, a kitchen is really just an arrangement of individual cabinets bolted to the wall. (Click here to see check out the kitchen-related posts below. )

Since her new space was smaller, Sally also hacked the center island, getting rid of the microwave that was housed out-of-sight in the kitchen-side of the island (and that she never used) and adding pull-out shelves to the space it left.

Ellen Silverman

She keeps utensils, bowls, measuring cups, and frequently-used pots-and-pans on the shelves to have on hand for daily cooking…

Ellen Silverman

…since the shelves open to the stove side of the island, the visual clutter is out of view.

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