Tara Mann

We were trying to figure out what to bring back from a trip to a place we loved, something that would be able to remind us in a FLASH what it was like. Pamela Hovland suggested we bring back a jar full of its beautiful air, so we did, capturing it in a small canning jar. Back at home, we find that jar hold holds more than the air; it seems to hold the very place in our hearts.

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2 replies on “a jar of air + memory

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you took my advice.

    On my windowsill are many of those kinds of jars – some filled with air, like the one from my studio in Rome a few years ago and another from our trip to Stockholm last summer. Other jars include “residue” documenting a time/place/adventure worth remembering. My latest addition is a jar containing a small pinecone and pine needles from Yellowstone National Park – a way to recall the luxurious natural carpeting outside our camper a few weeks ago. That intoxicating aroma is sealed inside as well, just in case I need to take a deep breath of it.

  2. I know right where that is. A jar of good smelling air I might add. What a place.

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