Andrea Zittel

While we were writing about Andrea Zittel the other night, we stumbled on a post from her blog called “Still Working on the Kitchen Table“.

The photo shows one of her half-done billboard paintings on the kitchen table, in a living space that is clearly in action, work and living woven together. Even though Zittel could try discipline herself to work in her studio – a shipping container fifty feet from the house –  she doesn’t. She works where it feels best, and things happens organically…

“When I was twenty and studying art in undergrad, I house sat for my parents one summer and built my entire senior show in their kitchen. I remember the feeling or horror one day when cutting out a shape with the jigsaw and accidentally making a slice into the tabletop that my mother had hand stained when I was an infant.  Three decades later and I’m still making most of my work in the kitchen…”

We wonder how many BIG THINGS in the world were figured out at the kitchen table?

(In the background, you can also see the cardboard shelving we were so taken with…stuff beginning to be stored in it.)

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