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Ever since an alarming number of readers reported NOT getting a video in their July 23rd Daily Email, we’ve been working to fix the glitch. When we found the clip of Martin Van der Poll’s Do hit chair, we thought it would be the perfect test to see if things have resolved. We’re asking subscribers to PLEASE let us know two things: if the image of the open book and the Do hit chair video have comes through in your morning Daily Email.

With thanks!

via Martha Street Studio via Reference Library

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6 replies on “open book w test (did tonights video + pix make it to your inbox?)?)

  1. It used to be that when I opened my email, images and text came up immediately and/or I could click on the link. Now I seem to have to click on the link for it to open and of the visuals.

    A funny thing happened this morning when I was trying it out. The first time I did it, both the image and the video appeared but when I clicked to start the video, I got the error message saying an error occurred. Please try again later.

    I did the whole thing again – going back to the beginning and clicking on the link – this time no video.

    I am using an Intel MacBook version 10.4.11 with Firefox. When I tried it with Safari, there was no video.

    Hope this helps, E Rocco

  2. I, too, got the open book but not the video.

  3. No video, but did get the book. Have had many times recently that the images do not appear (and I can’t get to them) and links that do not connect.

  4. Pictures have never come through. I’ve always just clicked on the name “the improvised daily” at the top of the e-mail, which sends me to the website and all pictures and videos are available there.

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