In response to our post about the Lego store, Lydia Wills sent us an email about the translucent Lego skyscrapers made at Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York City a few years ago. It’s an illuminating (literally) P.S. to our post on the dream of making monochrome Lego furniture, now that we can easily buy as much of any color we want at the nearest Lego store. But we never imagined¬†transparent legos…

…much to think about….

Alan R. Tansey

…like making big bricks out of a bunch of little Lego bricks, as James Mays did with his Lego house

…and this free Lego Photo App that builds images out of Legos…we wondered what would it be like to photograph furniture we want to make out of Lego’s with the photo app…


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