One of our favorite early posts was about Andre Michelle’s visual music synthesizer, ToneMatrix which allows you to instantly improvise your own music by selecting any of the small boxes on the grid on his website. We have turned to it many times when we wanted a diversion to shift our mood or view, or to take our focus off an irritating noise. Now, we’re smitten with Michelle’s newest iteration on his make-your-own-music theme: Pulsate.

Click the black square in two are more places to generate pulsating circles and sound. Just four or five clicks make for a relaxing, meditative riff…click lots of circles within circles for elaborate (and energetic) composition.

Part of its beauty is how ephemeral it is; it’s music for the moment.

Whatever you do will be a surprise, and a shift.

via Kottke

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One thought on “make MORE of your own music

  1. This is incredible. I knew about the ToneMatrix, but this one blows it out of the water! So beautiful and simple. I wish there was a way to select different pitches. It would be fun to play with some notes outside the pentatonic scale. Anyway, thanks!

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