Rogier Jaarsma

When we pass cast-off wooded shipping pallets on the street, we find ourselves imagining ideas we’ve collected in our “pallets” file, and trying them out in our minds. We are especially inspired by the visionary open offices Dutch firm Most Architecture designed as a temporary space for the company Brandbase. The client asked that the space be furished with recyclable materials, so the designers thought of shipping pallets, configuring them in ways that invited people to sit, stand or lie on them.

In addition to some cool desks, Most designed a conference table…

…(that with its glass top, it would make a fine, odd dining table)

Rogier Jaarsma

Rogier Jaarsma

…and a staircase…

Rogier Jaarsma

The key to this stylist, architectural look is partly using new shipping pallets that have clean lines (you can buy them here), and marrying them with sophisticated elements: glass tops, good lighting and classic chairs: The Eames Aluminum Group Management Chair, and the Aeron Chair , for a nice mix of high and low brow.

And we love that you pretty much get how-to d-i-y just by looking at the pictures. You can check out more photos, and the thinking behind these transformed pallets here.

via DesignBoom

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8 replies on “brilliant d-i-y pallet desks, table, stairs

  1. S, thank you for alerting us to this. We have been following up on your research and find that much of what you say is true. We are looking into pallets made from heat only -treated woods and will make a report in a few days.

  2. If you paint the pallets are the chemicals still a problem?

  3. HOW ABOUT AN OUTDOOR DECK FROM PALLETS? I have used three for a back door stoop for about 10 years, it is dry here in CO but they have not rotted.

  4. Hey, that sounds interesting. Can you send a picture?

  5. how do u make the white coffee table says:

    i really really like that coffee table out of pallets can u send me the instructions on how to make it i would be so happy

    thank you eileen doyle

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