Abby Robinson/Hauser & Wirth Gallery

We were looking at this photo of a work table of artist Dieter Roth on display Hauser & Wirth gallery, admiring its design, and its sculptural base…and started to wonder if those V-shaped supports were not simply upside-down wooden sawhorses affixed to a slab of plywood.

Abby Robinson/Hauser & Wirth Gallery


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2 replies on “worktable made with upside-down sawhorses?

  1. on a side Sally ,Abby Robinson was my very first photography teacher at S.V.A.
    she was an inspiring teacher,She was and remains a true photographer!
    Wonder if this is the same one?
    This work is not like her personal stuff.

  2. Yeah, but lucky her Maria, for getting to look at this guys stuff up close…

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