Tara Mann alerted us to Mashable’s slide show of unusual offices. We especially like this impromtu cardboard office designed by Paul Coudamy, who cleverly used corrugated cardboard as walls and shelves (more photos follow). Of course we instantly started hunting down that really thick cardboard that’s so perfect for making furniture like this chaise…

…And found all sorts of possibilities at Uline, one of our favorite catalogues (great bedtime reading!), in the “corrugated pad” section. The stuff we want is called “Honeycomb Void Fill” and it comes in sheets up to 4 x 8 feet and 1 or 2 inches thick. We haven’t yet explored how they ship it…nor actually what we’d make out of it…

We just love knowing it’s there.

Thanks Tara!

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4 replies on “cardboard office + furniture (+ where to buy cardboard)

  1. where can i buy a cardboard bookshelve??

  2. I don’t know of any cardboard bookshelves that are available per se. But you can MAKE cardboard shelves using cardboard boxes or the thick corrugated cardboard we featured in the post. If you check out Related Posts at the bottom, you’ll find links to the many cardboard furniture and shelving creations we’ve featured, with lots of info about how to go about making them yourself.

  3. I was viewing your article on thick cardboard.

    I have been investigation the possibility of using what is referred to as ” Honeycomb pads ” its essentially a cardboard honeycomb sandwiched between of cardboard.

    The primary use for this product, is to allow merchandise to be stacked on a shipping palette.

    One could use it for shelving by purchasing wood veneer which is about 1/32″ and comes in a roll it could be glued to the cardboard, as a matter of fact some cheaper furniture uses this process already.

    I wish to use this product to build a small teardrop trailer, by applying fibreglass to both sides of the board, in order to maximize the strength of the assembly.



  4. That’s a really interesting idea. Here’s a bit of useful info that might help: a set builder I know made EXTREMELY strong cardboard by gluing sheets together. He varied they direction of the “grain”/stiations. He has even built weight-bearing shelving with this cardboard.

    Please let us know what you come up with.

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