Emily Larned

In Lookbook 54, artists Emily Larned and Roxane Zargham created 54 different improvisations on one XL white t-shirt, using common household supplies (binder clips, safety pins, duct tape) as styling aids. They set serious constraints for themselves: The shirt is never cut or permanently altered, and all the accessories serve a function.

In their singular work, they seek to answer the question:

“What is the most reductive form that can yield the most variety in meaning? Possibly the white t-shirt. Tight it is James Dean, huge it is hip hop. It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.”

They expand the view of what’s possible in the realm of ordinary t-shirt.

Emily Larned

Emily Larned

You can buy the book here ($30); it is accompanied by the Lookbook 54 Companion, showcasing hair, make-up, & accessories created with office supplies!!!! (We really want to see that!)

Thanks again, Pamela!

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3 replies on “t-shirt improvisations (54 of them)

  1. Thanks so much for posting about our book! We’re so happy to be included on your site — such a great fit for the project. The photo credit however belongs to Emily, not to Roxane. Roxane took all the photographs in the book itself. Thanks!

  2. Emily, I apologize for the error; we try hard to give credit in the right places. This is a bit confusing. Just to clarify things: Your site says “A collaborative project with Roxane Zargham, who did all the photography.” Did Roxane collaborate on the t-shirts? Or was she the photographer for the book photos, and this was this mostly you following the very compelling philosophical parameters you work within: “(1) hand processes, even in seemingly digital projects; (2) tight restrictions, imposed by either a technology or a concept or most often, both; and (3) a social impulse to connect with others.” Did you do the photos that we posted?

    At any rate, please know that we think the project is completely swell.

  3. hi, sorry, I didn’t see your follow-up question! I took the photos OF the book, Roxane took all the photos IN the book. The project was my idea, but Rox definitely collaborated on the styling!

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