When we stumbled on this two-part video of the Macedonia Youth Sanctuary Choir in Winston-Salem, North Carolina singing “Everyday is a Day of Thanksgiving”, we were knocked out by how the choir just LEAPED into that song, singing Leonard Burks’ wondrous hymn full out. That, in itself seemed amazing until, near the end of the Part One (2:15) an ample woman named Takela in a striped blouse starts improvising…

….and the whole thing rocks and rises up in part 2:

…a fierce improvisation around gratitude and joy…

Happy Thanksgiving from ‘the improvised life’!

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4 replies on “‘everyday is a day for thanksgiving!’

  1. much gratitude Sally and all at the Improvised Life who tickle and tempt…hold and invite us…to the magnificent bounty of our imagination and potential…what great fun we are all having in this expanding community! THANKS for all your GIVING. xo

  2. This is so great–my favorite part of this simple hymn is “he opened my eyes so I could see.” And I feel like that’s what The Improvised Life does every day–it opens our eyes to the possibilities, it allows us to see, to listen, to hear, to be open to everything we have around us. Thank you Sally for opening my eyes.

  3. THANK YOU Lydia, for drawing our attention to that perfect line “He opened my eyes so I could see”. That’s my favorite line too. I feel like my eyes are being opened daily by the ideas and people that come through ‘the improvised life’, which is, really, just life.

  4. Jody, thank you. The community IS expanding which is so exciting. And it is a really generous and creative one. You all are one of the blessings I count. Thank you for being there.

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