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2 replies on “danny macaskill’s joy ride

  1. Gorgeous breath-taking scenery and some incredible & amazing stunts! This reminds me so much of Parkour, the French-invented philosphy of the physical practice of traversing elements in both urban and rural settings. Parkour and freerunning have caught on all over the world are indeed improvised sports. Imagine this video without the bike, but the same obstacles and a man running over and through them…I like both pursuits and I really enjoyed watching this video! Search for any Parkour video with David Belle or Sébastien Foucan and you will be equally surprised and entertained!

  2. Kim, thank you for letting us know about these guys, who are really spectacular. We started a Parcour file a while ago, and have been adding to it slowly, waiting to write a post/posts. Have you seen the video made in the 30’s of a guy whose mama serves him a plate of spaghetti, then he jumps up and out the window to do a big parcour riff…
    We’ll post it soon.

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