We have a bad habit of scribbling notes on on 2-inch Post-Its, only to find ourselves in a sea of them: bits and pieces of information everywhere. The classic sizes of stickies that 3M offers don’t entirely work for us; we need repositionable notes that accommodate writing out a series of ideas. We love these oblong adhesive notes from the Poketo shop: big Desk-It notes can sit under your wrists as you type at your keyboard or you can stick them on the monitor.

So of course we’re thinking: rather than pay $8+ for a pad of sixty 11.8- x-2.7-inch-sheets, why not just cut ordinary 8 1/2 x 11-inch sheets of paper  into 2 3/4-inch rectangles (or whatever size we like)?Then run a restickable glue stick along an edge of each to make custom-sized repositionable notes.

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3 replies on “at last, the right size sticky note (to buy or d-i-y)

  1. Here’s another thought…. I have a mousepad that is made from a bound tablet of approx. 50 pieces of paper. It mulitasks as a mousepad and as a surface to write down notes. When the top “page” is full, you simply tear it off to reveal a fresh one.

  2. Pamela, what a great idea! Thank you. And if you want to display the page of notes, THEN you could use the restickable glue…

  3. Cara de Silva emailed us with her simultaneous searches for writer-sized stickies:

    “I thought of exactly this last week after a long search for large post its, letter size if possible. They do exist (sort of) some even easel sized, but were absurdly expensive.


    Finally, I saw some that were for children to draw on and more economical than the rest. We will see what they turn out to be. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000CSJZFQ/ref=oss_product

    However, I also ordered exactly this glue so I could make my own.”

    We’ve always marveled at how ideas spring up simultaneously in several/many places at once.

    Thanks Cara!

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