Just what we were thinking: making our holiday tree right on a wall – or window or door –  using some colored masking tape. We thought right away of using Japanese washi tape, which comes in gorgeous colors and patterns. Also from the Dutch magazine Vtwonen: a tree made on a sheet of plywood in gold…tape……h-m-m perhaps it’s gold paint. We wonder how Krylon’s18 Kt gold leafing pen would work…or perhaps we’ll try our hand with a brush, Japanese-style, using Rust-Oleum Gold Metallic paint


We just might swipe the basic outline. Removable gold or silver washi tape is available here. Amazon has some nice metallic tapes with strong adhesives if you’ve got an idea for a more permanent tree.

Mylar tape comes in silver and gold

This Holographic sparkle brushed chrome tape is pretty cool…

Here are some alt (wall) Christmas trees we posted last year.

via Emma’s Design Blog

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