Andreas Feininger

The Museum of the City of New York’s amazing photography archive is a wondrous place to browse on a winter day. Among many treasures, you’ll find Shadow Man, a graffiti persona that appeared all over New York City  in 1983, photographed by Andreas Feininger…

…the image of the city after a blizzard, its creative heart as vivid as ever.

Thanks again Lydia!

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2 replies on “‘shadow man’ in the snow

  1. Your post got me wondering, who could create this character that took over New York and eventually spanned the globe, ending up in many European cities, and inspiring street artists all over the world. A quick searchhgave the answer: Richard Hambleton. This is from the notes to his one man show at Woodward Gallery: “In May 1985, he was the centerfold for Life Magazine. The feature emphasized his instinctive ability to break old rules and pave a whole new direction in art with his seascape paintings. ”

    Break old rules. Nice new year’s message.

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