After we published A New Year’s Wish Spirals On, with our not-great scan of a copy of the crumbling 45-year-old page from the New York Times, Laura Scott, a reader we have never met, wrote us. A librarian with access to the Historical New York Times Database, she hunted down the original astonishing ad that Alexander and Louisa James Calder placed on New Year’s Day so long ago, and offered to send us a pdf. It deserves a second posting.

That generous offer is a sampling of what comes to our Inbox daily, and the kind of people who have become the hackneyed-but-apt word “community”, linked together by ‘the improvised life’.

It made us realize that with our new years wishes, we neglected to say THANK YOU. We are so glad that you are here.

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One thought on “a better version of calder’s amazing ad + our thanks

  1. Love that spiral! You may be interested to know that the famous Yin Yang symbol, also known as the Tai Chi symbol, was originally a spiral. It’s the basic pattern of the universe.

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