The Selby recently posted its favorite photos of 2010. So we choose our favorites of its favorites: all have an idea that we can put to use (or at least make us think), like stacking books horizontally as well as vertically on our library shelves: the flow and visuals are totally different. The wall of book in the picture looks almost like a patchwork quilt…

We love the idea of making a cloth or paper panel printed with a big view, as a kind of trompe l’oeil, to expand a space, like this (though we’d probably not choose convenience store shelves, as funny as it is)..

Having struggled with confusing and counter-intuitive modern shower controls, we love this helpful signage penned onto the slapdash wall..

…and this reminder that sometimes destruction and decay are really beautiful. What would it be like to the leave that “doorway’ as is? Yikes!

We love The Selby’s many views and reminders of how REAL people live.

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