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Right after we tweeted Remodelista’s great round-up of picture frames, they topped themselves with this chic frame idea spotted in The Selby’s photos of the Geneva apartment of Christie’s president François Curiel. It simply sandwiches your picture between two pieces of glass that slide into the wooden frame – no mat needed. (The truth is, the mats that come pre-cut in frames are never the right size, and it’s a pain to cut your own). Umbra’s Document Frame in natural makes a worthy version for $16.99 for a classic 11 x 14 inch rectangle. We love Curiel’s stack:

The Selby

Thanks Remodelista!

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3 replies on “no muss/no fuss matless picture frame

  1. Always an adventure cyber romping through here, Sally. Loved the picture frames, so, this time, went to Remodelista, and from there to designer Virginia Johnson (in Toronto), and from VJ to Task, A brooklyn shop that is selling her Marimekko type (maybe even better) quilts and pillowcases. However, also discovered that Task now has an e-store for those who want to pursue, but aren’t near at hand.

  2. I have seen and bought frames like this before from Bed Bath and Beyond. Don’t think they have them in stock any more, but it is a convenient alternative. Cutting mats is a real art, and it’s one I’ve never mastered. Pre-cut mats are helpful, but as you note, they are not always perfect. They also are only available in standard sizes, so unless you plan for that, you have to be a bit creative in the ones you do use.

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