Pamela Hovland

Pamela Hovland sent us this email after the blizzard that hit the East Coast last week:

“I went to my local FedEx/Kinkos last night and saw this post-it note masterpiece on the wall behind the counter. My friend, who helps me with various service bureau needs there, had created a portrait of the Simpsons the day earlier, during the big snow storm. He said he was totally bored that day as all the local businesses were closed and the store had no customers. He came up with the inspired idea to MAKE SOMETHING with found materials – a plethora of colored post-it notes at his disposal. Voila!

My friend said that although he suspected FedEx/Kinko’s marketing executives may not approve of his personal artistic expression compromising the corporate brand, his local customers were loving it.”

The improvised life is about making and doing with what is at hand….

Pamela Hovland

Thanks Pamela!

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