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5 replies on “mod fashions, carnaby street, london 1966

  1. Since I’m reading Keith Richards’ autobiography, this goes along quite well! Thanks for the fantastic links —

  2. It’s a nice shot, they look like a parallelogram among four equiangular “V”‘s with the two guy V’s at the ends carrying an invisible rod almost perpendicular, checking the angles.

  3. I like that you featured Carnaby Street at its swingin’ peak. One thing you should know, those clothes were not decorated with studs or spikes. That came later, as a punk thing. Those swingin’ Londoners are wearing clothes embellished with pearl buttons, in a much-modified version of the suits worn by the Pearly Kings and Queens, who are peacock Cockneys known for their pearl-button-encrusted gear.


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